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Dynamic Woman Sharon Fekete's Top Ten Wish I Knew Then!

16 Aug 2019 7:46 AM | Working Women (Administrator)

Join us for our 10th anniversary celebration at the Decade of Dynamic Women dinner where we will be celebrating honoree, Sharon Fekete, Founder of The Doctor Whisperer, among other dynamic women in Tampa Bay! Learn more here!

We asked each honoree if they would share 10 things they know now they wish they knew 10 years ago. Here’s Sharon's list:

1. I wish I knew I didn’t have to join any other organizations besides WWTB when I opened my business.

2. I wish I knew lunches could be an enormous waste of time.

3. I wish I knew how many events I would have to attend; I would have invested in uniforms.

4. I have always known the value of relationships in life and business.

5. I know now that when I see crazy, cross the street.

6. I know now to absolutely trust my gut.

7. I know now that happiness defines my success, not money.

8. I know now that my adversity in life is a strength in business.

9. I know now how vital it is to take care of my mental and physical health. Your health is your wealth.

10. I know now that it is simply a gift to choose what I want to do today versus someone dictating it.

Sharon Fekete – The Doctor Whisperer


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