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The Business Card Blues

13 Feb 2012 11:42 AM | Working Women (Administrator)
The Business Card Blues
Written by: Debbie Lane C. Ht.

One of the first things a new hypnotist does is get a business card.  We are proud of what we do and anxious to get the word out.  We have been told to put that card into the hands of everyone we meet.  I know I did the same thing.  I looked at who was successful in other arenas and followed their example.  

At the time I began, real estate was booming and everyone was swimming in prosperity.  I noticed that the most successful people had their pictures on their cards.  People are more likely to hold onto a photo, so my picture went onto my card.  

It is best not to try and be all things to all people in an ad.  So, rather than put a laundry list of everything hypnosis could do for an individual on my card, I put my contact information (especially my website once it was up and running).  Using top quality, glossy paper, in order to appear successful, I ordered 1000 cards to start and was off and running to networking meetings.  

Like the rest of the crowd, I put my cards at a table where people could pick them up.  I pressed my cards into as many hands as I could.  I swapped cards like a trading card fanatic, greedily counting the number of cards I held at the end of every meeting.

When I got back to my office, I placed the cards in a “to be filed” pile.  Some even made it into my data base.  At one point in time, I could have papered my office with other people’s business cards.  Not any more.  Nor do I give my card away so freely.  I have stopped putting them at the materials table as well.  If you want my card you have to ask for it.

I realized that when people were loaded into my database without any kind of personal relationship or request, they weren’t happy getting newsletters.  Some might even call it SPAM, even though my name was being added to every list in town.  This was a solid reason not to give my card out so freely.  Further more, if a card is shoved into my hand, it ends up in the trash bin.

I now ask for cards when I make a real connection with someone.  I ask for several cards, so that I can refer my clients to them when appropriate.  I place those in a card holder I keep handy.  I will send a short hand written note after receiving the card, mentioning our meeting and offering help if and when appropriate.  

No more feeding frenzy at networking events has actually improved my relationships with those I do encounter and increased my enjoyment of the event.  Try it, go ahead, leave the cards behind and find out how much better known your reputation becomes!

©   Debbie Lane C.Ht. (727) 781- 8483


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