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Lunch Workshop Series: Make Up Your Mindset

  • 18 Feb 2020
  • 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Entrepreneur Collaboration Center: 2101 E Palm Ave, Tampa
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  • Both workshops - 2/18 and 3/17
  • Both Workshops on 2/18 and 3/17

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The most savvy business women know that 80% of success is due to mindset, while the remaining 20% comes from strategy.

Yet most entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders spend very little time developing a powerful mindset. Instead, they keep investing in strategy after strategy, without getting the results they want, leading to frustration, anxiety, and overwhelm, to the point where their business becomes a major source of stress in their life. They feel like they aren’t doing enough, and that frustration and insecurity infects other areas of life - their health, relationships, parenting, and joy.

But it’s not the strategy, it’s the mindset behind it. 

By pursuing strategy alone, business owners are missing out on 80% or more of their potential. 

A powerful mindset has the ability to catapult results, making any strategy radically more effective.

Join us for Make Up Your Mindset: Master the Inner Game of Business to Boost Impact, Profit, and Joy presented by Dr. Dawn MacLaughlin at the Entrepreneurship Collaboration Center. 

In this 2-part workshop combining both mental and physical activities, you will learn powerful and proven new advances in the science of mindset that will allow you to permanently eliminate the patterns of thinking that are the root cause of your stress, anxiety, and overwhelm and that are preventing you from making MORE money, having MORE impact, and creating the business you love. 

Part 1: The Power of Decision on February 18th from 11-1:30pm

  • Learn the Five Primary Drivers behind basic human psychology and why it is that beliefs dictate your destiny.
  • Uncover limiting beliefs that are preventing you from creating the business and life you desire.
  • Practice using the Power of Decision and Neurosculpting, tools to install new empowering beliefs into your mindset.
  • Physically embody this belief shift through the act of board breaking.

Part 2: Emotional Guidance System on March 17th from 11-pm

  • Learn about the two states of emotional being, why operating from a state of stress and overwhelm robs you of time, energy, productivity, and joy, and what you can do about it.
  • Practice using your Emotional Guidance System to change your emotional state of being so that you can boost your productivity and impact by connecting to your inspiration, intuition, and power.
  • By putting into practice what you will learn in this workshop, you can reclaim hours of time that you can invest in your business and your life!

During the first part of the series, you will have the opportunity to physically “break through” your own self-imposed limitations by breaking a board with your bare hand. Your board breaking materials are included with your registration.

About the speaker:

Dr. Dawn MacLaughlin is the CEO of Dawn MacLaughlin LLC, a global coaching company dedicated to helping mission-driven women entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives transcend the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from experiencing a life of impact, influence, and joy.

She is the author of the international-selling book Food Fight! Ending the Struggle Once and For All, and she holds a Bachelor’s from MIT, a PhD from Boston University, and certifications in Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition, Health Coaching, Life Coaching, and Transformational Mindset and Business Coaching.

Having presented on five continents, Dr. Dawn is a sought after speaker who is appreciated for her dynamic, engaging style, and for motivating her audience to take action.

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