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The Confidence Course for Women

17 Apr 2014 11:30 AM | Working Women (Administrator)
Chicks Who Kick Ass: The Confidence Course for Women

The foundation of confidence is self trust (“confide” = with + trust), and we’ve developed a curriculum to help women build trust in themselves so they can do great things in the world.

Date: Saturday, May 3
Time: 10am to 4pm

SAFI Space
1714 CR1 (Keane Rd) Suite 2
Dunedin Fl. 34698

Cost: $99 in advance  ($20 discount for Working Women members)

Apply coupon code: chicks-ww01 and pay only $79. Includes light lunch.

Register online at:

Course Description:
Unit 1: The Ring of Failure and the Cloak of Visibility

To start, we tackle the yin and yang of failure and success. How do we fail well? How do we open up to the possibilities (good and bad) with a new venture? How do we increase our capacity to deal with the discomfort that comes with the visibility one faces with success?

Unit 2: Secret Identities
Who are we really? What parts of our identities are we hiding and from whom, including (and especially) ourselves?

Unit 3: Who Screwed Up and Didn’t Save the World?
Shame and blame. What is shame? What triggers it? How do we build shame resilience in ourselves and our communities?

Unit 4: The Superpower of Power Itself
Defining and claiming your power. What is your relationship with power? How do you claim power for good and let go of force and “power over”?

Unit 5: Ask and You Shall Receive
Communication and negotiation. How do you know what you actually want and then be able to ask for it? Creating a buddy system to help one another negotiate and ask for the things we really need or want.

Unit 6: Hey! You! Get Off of My Cloud!
Balance and boundaries. The roots of true, organic balance in your life. Knowing your boundaries and consciously asking other to respect them. Learning how to recognize and respect other people’s boundaries.

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